Both the companies, Amazon and Google that have smart home appliances. Recently, the online retail organization has declined to restock the Google’s products such as Nest. As a result, Amazon will stop selling smart home devices of Nest on their website.

According to the reports generated, Amazon has informed the Google team about their decision on the sale of products such as home security systems and thermostats. The spokesperson of Google said, this decision is morally made by Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos. Therefore, they have dropped their idea of selling Nest’s product.

Google’s smart home products have good reviews on Amazon. However, this decision is nothing to do with the quality and reviews. But, from now onwards Google products will not be available on Amazon for sale. Some limited products left that are left on the retail site only that will be sold from Amazon.

Still, it’s not confirmed that third-party sellers would be allowed to sell the Nest appliances from Amazon’s retail site.

The retail giant is working hard to sell its product such as Alexa in order to make it popular globally, improve and make it unique. Amazon is taking big steps by acquiring the other smart equipment company such as Ring. The company is purposefully moving forward to introduce the range of smart home products. Also, the company is working to attract consumer by offering the range of products.

Ultimately, both companies are wishing to monitor customer preferences and increase their consumer base. The nest is one of the best products of Google, so the company can upgrade the existing device and integrate it with other smart devices.

Amazon has done this kind of conspiracy against Google and started selling and promoting other products to dominate Google devices. Hence, both the companies fought on the subject of streaming YouTube on Amazon Fire TV. It’s been only three months that both the companies have fought and patched up on the subject of YouTube and Chromecasts.

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