Do you love mixed tunes? Do you like mix tune of two or many different instruments? With the new tool of Google, everyone can be a mixture with just a computer, laptop, or from mobile.

Google-owned Chrome Music Lab has introduced a new tool for music creation named as Song Maker. This tool is based on the browser. The song maker is sequencer that creates a program and mixes the sound of two different instrument or tunes. The mixed tune can be saved or shared with other apps.

Chrome Music Lab is experimenting and introducing different web-based tools. This lab offers many other useful tools free of cost. This tool allows you to change the settings of a tune or mix with others. The tool allows the user to change settings such as an oscillator, sound waves, and frequency values that can change the effects of the soundtrack. The tool gives a visual representation of the soundtrack via vibrations.

This tool is divided into two sections such as melody and rhythm. The melody is the first and main part to create a mixture. There are some choices given that to be used in the tune. It offers ease so that user can draw notes to low or higher position by using a mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen.

The user can create a new tune or edit a tune easily, even if they are not from the musical background. The song maker tool gives advice to the user about what notes are available and which should be taken.

Along with these advises there are a couple of other options available that can be useful to create a tune. For instance, the user can adjust sliding bar with beats choices, tempo adjustments, octave range, length of the loop, and many more options that can be adjusted to improvise the tune.

With a little hand on with tool and a little knowledge of music, anyone can create tunes by themselves. Of Couse! This tool is the savior from bad music.

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