Many popular dog food brands have ordered for the recall of their products all over the market after the presence of drugs utilized in euthanizing the animals was found in their canned foods. The drug named pentobarbital was founded in the canned food products of one popular food brand, Gravy Train dog food which is manufactured by the J.M. Smucker Company, as per the statement released by the FDA on Friday. The side-effects experienced by the pets who consume the canned food products could be lightheadedness, loss of energy leading to the inability to stand on their legs, lethargy, sickness, and vomiting. These symptoms would be the result of consuming the food containing the pentobarbital drug in the small amount. The side-effects and result of consuming the pentobarbital drug in large quantity could be death or coma. As per the statement released by the FDA, the traces of pentobarbital drug in the Gravy Train dog food samples is of low level, thereby risking the health of the animals.

These evaluations were based on the preliminary tests conducted by the FDA and this would result in infringement of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. They also confirmed that there shouldn’t be any presence of pentobarbital drugs in the canned food products of any brands which are consumed by the animals. The popular dog food manufacturing company the J.M. Smucker Company has immediately ordered to recall all the batches of production from the market which are produced in their one specific manufacturing unit. They confirmed that all other product batched produced in other manufacturing units and other suppliers are clean and the problem is with one single supplier and manufacturing unit. One minor ingredient supplied by one of their suppliers is the root cause of this issue and they would take immediate action in order to resolve this issue. They also released a statement stating that they are very saddened about such issue arising in relation to their branded products and would take it very seriously to resolve the problem from its root.

The J.M. Smucker Company is always committed to providing best quality dog food products to their customers and stated that the company always loves pets. They completely understand their duties and responsibilities towards their role to provide the best quality food products for pets to their loyal customers. They also stated that the customers can directly reach them through their customer complaint and helpline numbers in case there is an issue with the products purchased and get it replaced and money refunded immediately. The company would resolve the concerns of the customers with utmost urgency.

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