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Herald of Technology is a publication launched in March 2023. My name is Bruce and I am an IOT technolgist based in Melbourne Australia. Welcome to my new technology blog! I’m excited to bring you the latest news, reviews, demonstrations and discussions on all things tech-related.

Why listen to me?

I have been working with technology for over 20 years. From humble beginnings as a software developer, I have been working on 100's of systems engineering projects all over the world. I have spend a number of years specialising in integration and test, including performance testing, automation testing and security penetration testing.

I love applying technology to the real world and especially enjoy solving problems using technology before people even realise there is a problem. I am passionate abour sharing my learnings and that is partly what heraldoftechnology.com is all about.

These days I spend my time working in the Internet of Technology (IOT) space. This includes the entire IOT ecosystem of IOT devices, IOT platforms, device management platforms (DMP), NBIoT, CAT-M1 LTE and LoRaWAN. I look forward to sharing these example IOT projects with you.

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