Apple iOS 11.1 is the next major improvement in the operating system and the company has brought many exciting features via this update. Due to the growing trend of emojis, the company has rolled out new emojis for the iPhone and iPad owners. Apart from this new emojis, other important features are also launched. However, it seems that the company has not yet solved the battery drain issues.

The iOS 11.1 is the next major upgrade to the Apple operating system providing a bundle of new features. The launch of iOS 11 marked the launch of many new features but it was facing severe battery drain issues. Thus it is expected that the next major upgrade will resolve this battery drain issue.

Apart from basic features, the iOS 11.1 has the bug fixing ability and provides improved user experience compared to the earlier versions. An addition of 70 new emojis will make users conversation a fun. To name a few, vampire, various clothing accessories like gloves, coat, a variety of facial expressions and mermaid has been added. Also, the existing emojis are revamped to increase their attractiveness.

The most important thing in today’s world is security and privacy of user’s data. Apple iOS 11.1 is equipped with KRACK to exploit which will prevent hackers from gaining access to the user’s data. This security patch will prohibit hackers from gaining access to the user’s data via WiFi.

The launch of iOS 11.1 also brings back the 3D Touch feature so that users can easily access the images and other data. Touch ID feature is more easy and comfortable compared to the voice feature which may misinterpret the user’s commands.

There was a buss related to the cheeseburger emoji of Apple and debate was raised over the same. But now the users are more concerned about how the company will resolve the battery drain issue. Many iPhone and iPad owners come across the battery drain issues which affects their workflow.

With the launch of iOS 11.1, the company has successfully applied a fix to the battery drain issue. Now the users can experience an enhanced battery life feature. This feature was tested on the beta versions of iOS 11.1 which have shown significant improvement in the battery life of iPhone and iPad.

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