iPhone X, the latest smartphone of Apple was one of the breath-taking ones. But, like other smart devices, iPhone X was made to serve an astounding feature to its users, Face ID recognition. According to the current rumours, Vietnamese researchers developed a 3-D printed mask that has the capability to unlock the face ID of the smartphone.

Hence, another security application stands to be useless to protect your smartphones from intruders and hackers. Previously, Senior Vice President of Apple appealed that you can clearly make out the difference between a normal human face and a mask.

Middle-class people or a common man don’t need to think of this drawback much but it would put billionaires, famous faces, FBI agents, national leaders and people having high status in trouble. Face ID recognition was a better option as compared to fingerprint sensor but later improvement in the security parameter again led the company down.

Face mask was designed after making heavy investment of US $150. Artificial intelligence was the basic technology used. Ngo Tuan Anh, Cyber Security’s Vice President said, “Mask was designed by merging together 3D printing technology with makeup while other parts of the face such as lips and eyes were made up using 2D images and cheeks using artificial intelligence.”

Face recognition technology of iPhone X is designed in such a way that it customs TrueDepth camera in order to recognize face of a smartphone owner. Even, this technology can create number of problems to the owner, says the security firm of Apple.

The firm said, at the bottom-line, fingerprint sensor is most appropriate when considered from a biometric security point of view. Hence, while making face ID as your primary security application, you must make yourself and your smartphone secure with 6 digits’ strong alphanumeric password.

After all, face recognition or fingerprint sensors are not that safe as we think but still, Apple prefers to go with same security applications.

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