Foldable display technology is the recent buzz in the market. Many phone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple are rumored to be working on this technology. It is expected that 2018 will be the year of foldable display technology. Microsoft, the tech giant is not behind in the race. The company is working on foldable Andromeda tablet which is expected to be seen in 2018.

Although Microsoft has not done a good job in the smartphone market, the company is still on the priority list when it comes to tablets, desktops, and others. The cope up with the loss, the company is now working on the recently introduced foldable technology, Andromeda will be the Microsoft manufactured foldable tablet device.

In 2009, the concept of foldable technology was introduced. Inspired by this concept, Microsoft is working on Andromeda tablet which will be equipped with a stylus. The Andromeda device will look like a courier device and will be useful for noting down the things similar to writing a note using pen and paper.

Microsoft Andromeda is basically in the form of two screens which can be folded like a notebook. It is expected that this tablet device will come up with latest Windows 10 OS. It is expected that this tablet will be compatible with other Core OS, CShell, and other platforms.

Usually, people do not prefer the use of the tablet as they are not handy. But now the foldable Andromeda will provide a facility to the user to carry this device anywhere as it is handy. This tablet also provides calling, messaging and other features seen in the smartphones.

It is expected that Andromeda will basically focus on stylus pen which is one of the key features of this tablet. Andromeda will provide a complete notebook-like experience to the user as it also has a similar interface. Andromeda device still provides a ray of hope to the Microsoft as it was unable to compete with the smartphone giants namely Nokia, Samsung, and others. It is expected that Microsoft will also offer enhanced integration with other hardware and software.

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