Google released an update to its messaging app, iMessage, particularly for iOS. In this update, the company has made noticeable changes in design and enabled Google search option in the app itself.

The new update offers to share, search, and let users to discover things easily without exiting the app. The Google app for iOS now enable smartphones to support an iMessage extension thus allowing users to search and share things like videos, GIFs, and images from the app itself.

For instance, it will be easy to search through the option such as “Food” or “Nearby” and the locations can be shared within the app. Additionally, the mode can be changed from the right search bar in order to change the search from images to GIF. GIF was the latest update of the Google, that allows anyone to directly search for GIF.

If you are a user of iPad with iOS 11, the app supports the drag and drop to move to the next image, video, or link and share it from the app. For instance, a single touch to the article or link can select the link; drag and drop it into the message box of the other apps.

The tech giant is also designing the associated content material feature which was introduced last year inside the Google app. Now, the capability to discover related data is compatible with any browser present on the device. Therefore, if you want to share sheet from a webpage, you can choose it from the suggestions given in the related data without putting efforts to search any additional data. If you searched how to grill fish, Google might give the other related suggestions of recipes of fish and more tips for grilling the fish.

For now, this version of the app is only available in the US, but shortly the app will be available globally.

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