Snapchat the popular social messaging application is undergoing frequent improvements to provide the user-friendly interface. Also, the company is trying to attract a large number of users towards its platform by providing exciting features. Recently the company decided to provide revamp its Snapchat App to make it easier for the user.

With the tremendous innovations taking place in the smartphone technology, the software applications used on these phones should also be good. Thus the Snapchat Inc. has decided to revamp the design of app for easy user accessibility. Android gives the control of the visual aspect of the app to Google. To improve the visual look of the app is in the hands of Google.

Snapchat is presently dominated by Instagram although both offer same set of features. Also, Instagram mimics many Snapchat features but its popularity among users is less. Although the Snapchat app is useful in connecting with your friends and family, sometimes its navigation proves to be difficult.

It seems that the design aspect of the Snapchat app may be one of the reasons why users are moving away from it. Also, Snapchat may be losing many of its users due to complex design. Thus the company is now planning to revamp its design and provide the smooth user experience.

The company now plans to get rid of its tedious design and come up with a new design which can be easily accessed by people belonging to different age groups. The new users which are subscribing to the Snapchat application have been reduced drastically. Since last 3 months, only 4.5 million new users have subscribed to this application which is far less than the expected numbers.

Snapchat was trying to equip its platform with new technologies but the users were not very happy with this change. Hence the company will now provide easy to access design and features which can be understood by everyone. It is expected that this new revamped design will enhance the user’s accessibility.

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