Snapchat app was launched in 2011 and since then recently they made their biggest alterations to their design in terms of appearance and usage. The new redesign has divided the application into two different sections. The left side section would include all the information and content shared between the user and his linked friend’s list. The right section would include all the information shared and received related to the media content along with some nominal changes which could be easily identified. These alterations to the application and usage are not very enthusiastically accepted by the user base and really trying hard to switch back to their user-friendly old version of the app. There was a fake tweet circulated on twitter related to switching back to the older version if there were enough retweets supporting the switch back request. This fake tweet received more than 1.3 million retweets making this tweet the sixth most retweeted tweet since the initiation of twitter.

Many teenagers who are enthusiastic users of Snapchat app spent their whole weekend requesting the company to switch back to their previous version and avoid these new redesigns and alterations. Many users have posted their different stories disclosing their dislike for the new redesigns and alterations with the expectation that the Snapchat would consider their request and shift back to their previous version of the app. More than half a million active users of Snapchat has signed a petition on in order to ensure that the company would delete and remove the new alterations of the Snapchat and get back to the new version. The users experienced that the alterations made to the previous version didn’t make the app user-friendly and it has added to their difficulty to use many features of the app. In fact, the new features added to the list are not at all useful and doesn’t support the primary purpose of the app in any way. This is considered to be the most unpopular and unsupported update provided by the company until today due to its inefficiency and high level of confusion.

This sudden update and alterations to the old version of the Snapchat app left the users stumbled and confused since the new updates changed the complete look and usage capacity of the app. The users were not able to send their snaps using the new interface and were left confused and shocked without any prior intimation or information by the company. There were numerous attempts made to get back to the previous version by hacking the systems and one such information was circulated on Saturday.

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