Essential Phone by Andy Rubin is one of the best and pocket-friendly smartphones available in the market. This smartphone device is equipped with many exciting features and was launched 2 months ago. But due to the launch of other premium smartphones like iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the sale of Essential Phone was affected.

Within a month after the launch of Essential Phone, only few smartphone units were sold. Due to this, the company may have decided to further reduce the price of this smartphone. Taking this into consideration, the price of this smartphone has been dropped by $200.

During the launch of the Essential Phone, it had a price tag of $699 which is quite cheaper compared to Note 8 and iPhone 8 smartphone. The company had expected huge profits from this smartphone as it is one of the cheap and best-featured smartphones. But this did not happen. Hence the initial price tag which is $699 has been reduced by $200. Now, all the interested users can purchase this smartphone for $499.

As this is the first smartphone launched by Android Founder, Andy Rubin, the company might have decided to reduce the price by $200. This will help the company in promoting its smartphone by reaching out to a large number of users.

Although the review of Essential Phone is positive and the buyers appreciated the features that were offered by the company with a pocket-friendly price tag. Until now only 5000 units of Essential Phone has been sold. Today most of the smartphones are powered by Android OS. Hence it is expected that this smartphone will bring good revenue to the company as it excels in features and specification.

The decline in the number of sale of Essential Phone may be due to delay in the launch of the smartphone. This smartphone was expected to launch back in June but its launch was delayed by 2 months which may have disappointed the users. It will be interesting to see how the price drop of essential phone influence the users buying decision.

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